Note From Our Founder

I originally launched Family Care Necessities (FCN) to fill a void in childcare that I felt as a working mother of three very young children. Thirty years later, I find myself in a similar situation except with my parents and in-laws. Because of this experience, I decided to relaunch FCN and have founded WeCare4 with the initial focus on the aging to fill the void faced by caregivers in the care of the aging.

Here is why we began with the aging.  Over the last 20 years, my husband and I have been responsible for caring for our aging parents continuing to raise our children while also working. We often have commented if you look up the phrase, “sandwich generation,” you would see a picture of us. Unlike children, whom we help “grow up” to hopefully in most cases become increasingly less dependent, our parents are too often “growing down” and becoming more and more dependent. We found in caring for our parents that we wasted a lot of resources (time, money, and even our health and well-being) in trying to care for them and what seemed like their ever-changing needs. Two cases of Alzheimer’s, one case of terminal cancer, and another of multiple heart and other health issues have been a real journey for us and one that we never expected to have. Our parents were not prepared for the aging and medical issues that they faced, and neither were we. I have also come to realize that many of my peers have been facing the same concerns from how to handle the financial burden of caring for loved ones to finding the right treatment for them. Add into the mix, the ethical issues of how to treat advanced Alzheimer’s patients who were not specific in their medical directives. Then, who has time to search the net for the information that you need to understand for their care or find the products and services to provide what they need. Then, even if you do think you have found what you might be looking for, is it from a reliable trusted source interested in providing you with a more complete picture regarding your alternatives?

In addition to my issues in caring for our parents, I also realized that the aides, nursing assistants, and nurses, whose services that I have used or with whom I have met along the way, also were looking for the latest information to improve their knowledge and skills in working with their patients. I found many aides and nurses had the demeanor required to handle the situations that they faced but just did not have the latest toolkit to provide the care necessary, including the proper training, coaching, supports systems, supervision, facilities, or equipment. Through WeCare4 the Aging, I hope to provide the information and tools in one place to help provide the care our loved ones require and to establish a community for all caregivers, including families, friends and professional providers, to learn, share and grow in the understanding of growing old today. I hope also to provide an opportunity for organizations to offer products, services, or other forms of support not only to help caregivers to care for their patients and/or their loved ones but to also help take care of themselves throughout the process. I look forward to your participation in WeCare4 the Aging!

The emergence of the general brand WeCare4 and the various subcategories of the brand developed because many of the caregivers, both family/friend and professional have cared for the aging, children, and children and adults with special needs.  Much of what they learned was on the job while providing the day-to-day needs of their loved ones and/or patients.  I strongly believe that all providers of “family care necessities” deserve to have relevant information readily available to them and the tools to provide the necessary and best possible care. I hope that this site provides those things.  Additionally, for the family/friend caregiver, I hope to provide access to a pool of caregivers that meets their needs and for the professional caregiver, I hope to be able to provide more and better opportunities to advance in their field and the toolkit to do so.  I truly hope that we can help make life a little easier and better for all those who care for others.

Our Mission

To help those who are caring for the aging whether they are family members, friends, or professionals providing care at home or in institutional settings

To provide the most relevant news, information, resources, products, and services that assist caregivers with every aspect of day-to- day life management

To build a community of and for caregivers where they can learn about and share their experiences in helping the people that they serve

To extend this community to organizations that interact with, provide products and services to, and/or are interested in helping caregivers provide the best possible service to their loved ones and/or patients

Our Team

Carol Greco
Founder and CEO

Carol Greco is the founder of Family Care Necessities (FCN) and WeCare4. She is also the co-founder of Greco Associates (GA), a marketing and strategic advisory professional services firm at the intersection of marketing and technology. GA provides services in Marketing, including Marketing Technology, Market Research and Analytics, Cognitive Digital Marketing using Sia with Watson; Business Development; Healthcare Programs, including telehealth/telemedicine services; Nonprofit Management, including associations, professional societies and charities; Benefit Programs including affinity and loyalty programs; and Talent Management.  While leveraging the latest and evolving technologies, GA is an integrated solutions provider and offers a wide range of services to both the for-profit and not-for-profit segments. Read More


John Greco

CEO and co-founder of Greco Associates

John Greco is an award-winning marketing, business development, and trade association executive. He is recognized as a thought leader in value creation at the intersection of marketing, technology, and business development; and nonprofit, association, and federation management.
He is currently the founding member, owner, and Chairman of the Marketing IMPACT Council which provides the opportunity, forum, and structure for today’s executives to fill key gaps and “connect the dots” regarding understanding, leveraging, and maximizing the impact of the continuously evolving and expanding marketing resources available to the them. Read More

Thomas Trezise
Chairman Patient Privacy Rights

Tom’s focus is leveraging his experience to accelerate innovation in healthcare and long-term sustainable enterprises driven by socially responsible leadership. 
He is a lead on the United Nations Task-force for Health Data. He is a Fellow and Acting President of the Health Studies Collegium which is a clinical research and health policy institute. He is an Executive Ambassador of Thomas Jefferson University and Medical School and Jefferson Health System and previously was Vice President of the Board for Senior Services, Cincinnati, Ohio. He is on the Executive Committee of the Delaware Health Information Network Board, appointed by the Governor, and Chairs the Strategic Business Planning Committee. Read More